Kyle Smith, M.B.A

Kyle founded RedWind in September 1999. He has 20 years experience in business planning, procurement, accounting, and administrative work systems. His major area of focus is in the redesign, development and management of high performance work systems for tribal, manufacturing, government and service sectors. He has led and facilitated multiple teams in organizational redesign, business process redesign, and project implementation, including the installation of enterprise-wide information systems and shared service organizations.

  • Kyle directed a two-year transformational effort with the second largest Indian Nation ($200 million annual budget, 1700 employees). He realigned the organizational systems and managed the redesign process for health, housing, education, and human services.
  • Kyle initiated a knowledge and social capital project for the further development of Native communities. The project was a Ford Foundation/First Nation Development Institute award winner.
  • Kyle worked with a $175 billion Exploration and Production Company to assess organizational systems on board a newly commissioned $500 million deep-water drill ship and supported the development for a leading consumer products organization service level agreement for redesigned IT organization.
  • Kyle co-led the implementation of shared service organization for Exploration and Production Company by realigning seven enabling processes and two core processes. Design tools utilized included customer value analysis, business process reengineering, wealth creation models, knowledge capital identification, and the development of service level agreements. Reengineering efforts resulted in fourth to first quartile performance improvement. The project was a 2000 Smithsonian Award winner.

Kyle received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester.

Mark Rhodes, Ph.D.

Mark specializes in strategic decision-making, organizational design, and employee and customer feedback systems. Mark has consulted to a variety of organizations for the past 18 years. His consulting work includes advising strategic, coordinating and operating teams on the design of innovative work systems, and the development and implementation of organizational measurement systems.

Mark’s experience spans service, manufacturing and government sectors.Mark has been involved with dozens of organizational design, redesign and start-up efforts. He has contributed to the field though his innovative work on Customer Value Analysis and Employee Engagement. In particular, he has advised several clients on the use of multivariate statistics to determine importance weights, gleaning the true priorities for improvement out of data on customer and employee feedback.

Mark’s experience spans service, manufacturing, tribal, and government sectors.Making direct use of the tools of strategy and decision-making that he teaches, Mark consults on strategy to Public and Private organizations. He has developed strategic planning and strategic decision-making processes for many organizations, which are now in use.Mark received a Ph.D in Social Psychology & Organizational Behavior, from Harvard University.

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