RedWind offers training and development services that make an impact. Our training courses are designed with one purpose in mind – to drive real skill and behavior change in participants that translates into tangible organizational results. We provide training courses that are tailored to the issues facing organizations. To see current courses click here or to see scheduled class dates click here.

Maximizing the Learning Experience

We understand that high-impact training and maximum ROI (level 6) is founded upon a three-phase approach to learning:

  • Phase 1: Learning Preparation
  • Phase 2: Learning Event
  • Phase 3: Learning Application

RedWind offers both standardized training and customized training. Because of their modular nature, our course are easily molded and tailored to fit the exact specifications of our clients. Training courses are traditionally designed to be 1-2 day events, but are able to be shortened into smaller (2 hours to ½ day) offerings or extended as well. If customization is required the instructor will work with the client to ensure the right offering is created for the current scenario.

Our Instructors

RedWind instructors are highly qualified professionals who have had extensive experience with the content through application in line positions. In all cases they have consulted on the topic extensively. Instructors are focused on the needs of the participants. Instructors are also chosen for training assignments based upon expertise with the topic and experience with the client organization.

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