RedWind Group, Inc. is a management consulting firm that helps organizations create and sustain exceptional performance.  With our assistance in strategy development, organization design, and project implementation, our clients achieve high performance while building their own internal capabilities.

We provide the skills, knowledge, and practical tools to empower organizations to make choices that help realize their goals.

Our Approach

We firmly believe that the choices organizations make in areas such as mission, values, work processes, structure, knowledge management, rewards, and decision making, all combine to directly drive the behaviors and culture of the organization.  It is these behaviors and culture that drives organizational results.

If the results are to be changed, then new organizational choices need to be made.  We have a deep understanding of the root cause-and-effect nature of culture and work choices in client organizations.

Past Performance

We have worked nationally with a large number of diverse clients, from telecommunications and automotive, to financial services and government.

Because of our proven skills, knowledge and practical tools, RedWind is uniquely qualified to assist our clients in creating real change.  RedWind has a proven record of helping clients achieve their goals.