Our Approach

We firmly believe that the choices organizations make in areas such as mission, values, work processes, structure, knowledge management, rewards, and decision making, all combine to directly drive the behaviors and culture of the organization. It is these behaviors and culture that drives organizational results. If the results are to be changed, then new organizational choices need to be made.

We recognize that each organization is unique. We believe that form (structure) follows function (work processes), and function follows strategy. Leadership, Culture and Knowledge make it happen. We help each client integrate and align the unique choices in the following distinct areas:

  1. Strategy Clarification – Articulating purpose, strategy and long-term direction
  2. Organization and Business Process and Design – Tools for transformation
  3. Project Implementation – Implementing change and managing project initiatives
  4. Training and Development – Building organizational capabilities through leadership, culture, and knowledge

The RedWind team provides the following consulting and training services:

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