NASA, Kennedy Space Center – Workforce Development

ChallengeFollowing the Columbia shuttle tragedy, a report by the independent Columbia Accident Investigation Board identified NASA’s “self-deceptive” and “overconfident” culture as one of the contributing factors to the accident. The Director of Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and KSC’s Change Manager felt a strong need to ensure that the center’s values  be enhanced in order to return to flight and to fulfill the mission of the Kennedy Space Center.

SolutionRedWind was brought in to work with KSC’s Change Manager, the Center Director, the leadership team, and project teams to help KSC achieve a successful implementation of their many ongoing change projects. The work included an organizational assessment and analysis as well as chartering, launching and providing oversight to strategic initiatives such as NASA values, leadership communication, performance management, work process improvement, and behavioral based training.

ResultsAn organizational culture assessment and analysis has been completed and a baseline has been established. A Culture Enhancement Initiative Scorecard has been developed with timelines and deliverables. Project teams have been launched and are now delivering on their projects. KSC leaders are focused and armed to align their organizations to enhance NASA’s values. Change Management Leadership is providing a wealth of support to business leaders. Top leaders throughout KSC are better prepared to lead and create culture change within their organization.

US Forest Service

Challenge: The Rocky Mountain Region Forest Service wanted to address employee morale and identify any major issues or concerns to make effective changes with the goal of to retaining valued employees, successfully attracting professionals and sustaining a high level of performance.

Solution: RedWind developed a 61 question survey with 13 categories covering a wide span of relevant areas such as culture, communication and performance feedback. We provided a web-based tool for administration of the survey that could gather data from 2100 employees.

Results: Produced a content analysis.  The analysis helped management focus on crucial issues and areas of concern.

Department of Veterans Affairs – VA Central Office

Challenge: The Veteran’s Benefits Administration needed consultation to enhance their department and address inefficiencies in employee relations, labor relations, case preparation, and performance management.

Solution: We produced a Project Management Plan and a Human Resource needs analysis. We created a training course in Employee/Labor Relations and conducted the course at more than twenty locations.

Result: The VBA Director evaluated program as “excellent.” The Director at the VA Regional Office in Montgomery praised the training, reporting, “Exceptional job.” All AMC managers rated the training at a maximum score of  ”5.” At VARO Boston, all but one manager rated the course at the maximum score.

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